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Urine Drug Testing Kits

LaneWorkSafe’s urine drug testing kits have been the popular choice for many Australian workplaces due to their ease of use and overall performance reliability. Supplied to organisations around Australia, our urine drug test kits meet the requirements for on-site workplace drug testing for the leading mining, construction and transportation industries as well as medical centres, government health departments and state police departments.

With compliance certificates issued for the LaneWorkSafe Split Specimen Cup and Accurate One Step Cup for AS/NZ4308:2008 Compliance, our urine drug testing kits allow for successful workplace drug testing programs.

LaneWorkSafe Split Specimen Cup®

Designed to eliminate urine handling and donor tampering, this innovative urine drug test cup efficiently screens the most commonly abused drugs and substances. It features a built-in temperature strip and additional screening for six adulterants that help produce quicker and more accurate results. LaneWorkSafe is the exclusive Australian distributor of this advanced urine drug test cup, and it’s regularly used by the New South Wales and Victorian police.

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LaneWorkSafe Accurate One Step Cup

The Accurate One Step Cup is an advanced urine drug test cup that screens for seven main drug groups (including Synthetic Marijuana. It features a specially designed screw cap that functions as an evacuation port for extracting the urine specimen, which prevents spillage, contamination and handling errors by collectors. It also features a built-in temperature strip and screening for three adulterants.

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LaneWorkSafe 6 Panel Urine Drug Test

 This urine drug testing kit is a low-cost alternative to the Split Specimen Cup, screening many of the main drug groups required for employee drug testing. Self-screening kits are also available for personal use, with a collection vial, disposal bag and testing instructions included for a private urine drug test. This affordable yet effective urine test for drugs is commonly used in medical centres, health departments and government offices.

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LaneWorkSafe Buprenorphine Drug Test

A special, instant drug test that detects Buprenorphine in a urine sample. This one-step test provides a positive result when over 10 ng/ml of Buprenorphine is present in the urine. Because of its fast response time and simple process, this urine test kit is widely used for employee drug testing in government agencies, medical centres and health departments.

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LaneWorkSafe Oxycodone Drug Test

A one-step, instant drug test used for detecting Oxycodone in urine. This special drug test kit will yield a positive result when it detects over 100 ng/ml of Oxycodone in the urine sample. It provides quick and accurate qualitative detection, making it an excellent solution for industries that require Oxycodone screening as part of their workplace drug testing program.

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LaneWorkSafe Methadone Drug Test

A specially designed instant drug test for detecting Methadone in a urine sample. This one-step urine drug test shows a positive result when it detects Methadone levels over 300 ng/ml in the urine. These urine test strips are commonly used in health departments, government agencies and medical centres that require Methadone screening.

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Urine drug testing FAQs

  • THC (marijuana)
  • Methamphetamine (“ice”, ecstasy)
  • Amphetamines (“speed”)
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines and
  • Morphine (derivatives of the opium poppy including heroin, morphine, codeine)

In most cases, results will show in approximately 2-3 minutes.

Our urine drug testing kits are designed to detect drugs and substances up to the minimum cut-off levels set by Standards Australia.

Several factors can affect the results of our urine drug test kits:

  • Incorrect collection of urine
  • Incorrect storage of the urine sample
  • Incorrect usage of urine test kit or urine test strips
  • Incorrect handling of samples
  • The diet or medication that the person being tested is currently taking

No, there are cases when a urine drug test yields a positive result from someone who isn’t abusing drugs or an illicit substance. Remember that several factors can affect the results of a urine test kit.

It’s important to note that all positive results are presumptive and need to be confirmed by other methods for conclusive results.

If you have any other questions about our urine drug testing kit or urine drug test solutions, please call us on 1800 429 219 or send us a message.