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Alcohol and Drug Policy

LaneWorkSafe can help your organisation create an Alcohol and Drug Policy. One size does not fit all. Each Policy is tailor made to suit your particular workplace requirements and needs. Unlike some competitors who “give away” Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Policies, the LaneWorkSafe A&D Policy is prepared with care and attention to suit your needs. The policy will become your organisation’s “Road Map” to your A&D Programme. It is important to get it right from the first step.

Your A&D Policy Document will become the “hub” of your organisation A&D Policy/Programme:

  • Clearly defining and setting out the requirements of your particular workplace, explaining clearly when and how Onsite Testing (Alcohol) and Screening (Drugs) will be conducted.
  • Making it clear to all employees’ (including sub contractors) who may visit your workplace exactly what is required to comply.
  • The Policy removes any ambiguity surrounding the processes involved in the A&D Policy framework.
  • Each and every employee and contractor understanding their responsibilities and requirements.
  • Helping to ensure that the management of risk in the workplace is correctly and adequately addressed by all stakeholders.

For more information on Policy Development, view our Information Package.

Please contact LaneWorkSafe to discuss an Alcohol and Drug Policy that suits you.