Christopher Delaney – Industrial Relations Human Resources Expert

LaneWorkSafe are pleased to announce that Mr Chris Delaney is now available for information and advice respecting OHS and Employee relation matters and preparation of Alcohol and other Drugs workplace Policy.

Christopher DELANEY is a highly regarded Employee Relations professional with over 35 years experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resources. He has held senior executive Employee Relations positions with Nestle & BHP.

Christopher is degree qualified in Employment Relations and is an accredited workplace and commercial Mediator. He was the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) representative to the Ministerial Enquiry into Transportation and Delivery of Cash and Valuables Industry and the Transport Industry Cash in Transit Award. Christopher led the negotiations and advocacy for the new modern awards covering the Security, Airports and Cash in Transit industries.

Christopher commenced CD&A (Chris Delaney & Associates Pty Ltd) in 1993, providing assistance and representation to hundreds of organisations across a diverse range of industries, including: security, airports, retail, manufacturing, transport, education, travel and tourism, hospitality, health care, the Police Service, finance and State and Federal Government.

He advises several Government and Industry Policy Committees, is often called upon to comment on contemporary Industrial Relations issues and writes for a range of Business magazines including The Security Insider.

Contact Chris via his website at

Dr John Lewis – Toxicologist

Dr John LEWIS, one of Australia’s Leading Toxicologists with over 30 years experience is a consultant with LaneWorkSafe.
Dr Lewis was the Chairperson of the Australian Standards 4308:2001 and 4308:2008.
He is available for all technical inquiries, conferences, seminars and one-on-one consultations regarding drug testing. He can be contacted through LaneWorkSafe.

To arrange to speak to Dr Lewis, please call LaneWorkSafe on 1800 429 219.

Jeff Davis – Salus Workplace Testing

Jeff Davis was a member of the NSW Police Force for 29 years.
Prior to his retirement in 2013, Jeff was manager of the NSW Police Drug and Alcohol Testing (DAT) team.
DAT conducted over 3,000 random drug tests and over 10,000 alcohol tests, each year.
Salus conduct drug tests on urine, saliva, or hair.
Using a third party to conduct drug tests in your workplace will limit any personal bias or staff relationship issues.

To contact Jeff, visit the website at