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Lifeloc F10 Breathalyser

Lifeloc designed and manufactured the Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser in the USA. Lifeloc breathalysers are AS3547 certified.

The Lifeloc FC10 is a premium fuel cell breath alcohol tester that provides accurate and reliable measurement of Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) on-site.

The Lifeloc FC10 uses full sized platinum fuel cell technology that powers this globally recognised law enforcement equipment. Lifeloc breathalysers are used and recognised internationally and by many law enforcement agencies across the world.

Designed for workplace testing, this rugged and reliable design will provide years of use and will continue to give accurate results over time*

* All breath alcohol testing devices require periodic maintenance and calibration to ensure proper working order. Industry best practice is every 6 months for workplace testing. Please call LaneWorkSafe to arrange for service and calibration of the unit.

The Lifeloc FC10 uses a platinum electrochemical sensor (fuel cell) – the standard in police issued breath testers – to provide an accurate and reliable BAC reading onsite. The FC10 provides Auto, Manual and Passive testing options.

  • Accurate BAC results seen in seconds.
  • Easy to Use - Prompts you with easy to understand icons on a high -resolution screen – making it easy and fast to get BAC readings.
  • Last test recall
  • Large backlit LCD display – Excellent day or night visibility
  • Audible prompts to ensure proper test taking
  • Breath pressure sensor – test will not activate until subject begins blowing