Urine alcohol testing can be a treacherous path to embark upon when used for employment purposes. A number of factors come into play. Is the donor in the consumption phase or the elimination phase? Is the detected alcohol a result of a diabetic or medical condition? Are there environmental or legal use issues to be contemplated?

By James M Bork, Global Safety Network, Inc. Datia Focus Winter 2012.

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Whilst this article is written for US Drug Testing companies and warns about the inherent dangers of using Urine Drug Testing as a suitable matrix for measuring Alcohol. It has relevance here in Australia. It should be well noted that there is no Australian Standard for this process and the only acceptable method is by the use of Breathalyser measuring BAC levels in a donor. Australian companies need to be aware that some Australian Drug Test supply companies are selling Urine devices that are non compliant for this task. This is clearly misleading, irresponsible and unprofessional. LWS have further information supporting this view and it can be made available on request.

Stephen M. Lane
Managing Director
Lane WorkSafge Pty Ltd
20 March 2012