All workplaces using on site urine drug testing devices should ensure that their device has been issued with a compliance certificate. This certificate must be issued by a laboratory accredited to Australian Standard/TEC 17025 or Australian  Standard 4633 and the relevant standard, Australian Standard/New Zealand 4308 or equivalent. The result of the verification to assess compliance of the device must be documented and available to the requesting authority and accrediting agency.

Use of invalid or non verified devices may result in employees’ producing a result indicating a false negative and being allowed to return to their workplace resulting in a potentially dangerous situation. This situation may well lead to serious  legal proceedings in the event of death or injury to themselves or other persons. Or in the case of false positives, unnecessary stressful stand-downs, with resultant disruption of the workplace, and expensive confirmatory testing.

Non compliant devices pose a threat to compliance with OH and S programmes and statutory requirements to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

LaneWorkSafe Split Specimen Cup and Six Panel Dip Scan devices have both been issued with valid and current compliance certificates as is required by Australian Standard 4308:2008. These certificates have been issued by a respected NATA accredited laboratory here in Australia. This certificate is available on request.

This notice is placed in the interest of continuing safety and high standards as Australian workers and their workplaces correctly deserve.

Stephen M. Lane
Managing Director
LaneWorkSafe Pty Ltd
T. 1800 429 219