An article published in the weekend Australian Financial Review, 29-30 May 2021 mentions the increasing cost of freight from South East Asia for 20 foot containers:

Traditionally, we’ve paid $US1500 ($1937) for a box – a 20-foot container – out of various suppliers based in south-east Asia, but that climbed to a peak of about $US6000 a box we got quoted at one stage

You can read the entire article by downloading this PDF.

It is also available online here: The dire shortage of a product you don’t know of and will never see (requires AFR online subscription.

The issue is also covered in an article by the ABC, Shipping cost surge raises retail price pressures and inflation risks

Soaring demand for physical goods thanks to government stimulus, coronavirus travel restrictions, more time at home and a global shortage of cargo containers has increased congestion and delays at the world’s ports and pushed up shipping costs.