A recent article in Lawyer’s Weekly asks the question “Does the profession have a drug problem?”.

In an interview with Dr Fisher, the head of the Department of Psychiatry at St Vincent’s Clinic and Private Hospital, he said “I don’t think enough has been done”.

“Just as [doctors] can kill a patient, lawyers can cost their clients huge amounts of money and destroy their lives,” he told Lawyer’s Weekly, and recommended the profession provide better drug education and a clear statement of drug and alcohol policy, as well as a rehabilitation program.

In July 2015, a former lawyer at the DPP was caught with 0.65 grams of cocaine in Potts Point.

In 2007 a Melbourne barrister died from a cocaine and heroin overdose.

Drug and alcohol abuse issues are not limited to blue collar workers, and this article goes to show that drug testing along with a clear drug policy are important for any workplace.

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