LaneWorkSafe are pleased to announce that our new tutorial video for the Accurate One Step Urine Cup is now available.

View the Accurate One Step Cup tutorial video here.

The six minute video tutorial covers key features, including an in-built temperate strip, an adulteration system, and the unique evacuation process for samples that require further testing.

The video tutorial also provides detailed, step-by-step guide on using the Accurate One Step Urine Cup. This covers inspecting the pouch before opening, using the in-built temperate strip and adulterant panels, and what to do with abnormal results. It also covers interpreting results and how to read the control and test lines for each of the seven drug groups.

The video then demonstrates how to use the unique decanting system, using the LaneWorkSafe vacuum vials.

The video tutorial gives clear instructions on how to use the cup and should be an invaluable resource to collectors.