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AlcoQuant 6020 Plus Standard Breathalyser

With ergonomic lightweight design, exceptional accuracy and reliability, the AlcoQuant 6020 plus has become the leading hand held breathalyser in Australia, Europe and the UK. Its unique sample system allows exceptionally fast testing and recovery.

Currently, 23 law enforcement organisations, including UK Police and the United Nations, use this device for fast accurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results.

Included: High visibility soft pouch, carry case, 25 mouth pieces, 4x AA batteries.

Standard model breathalyser – Active (blow into) tests only. No passive test.

See also the Passive model breathalyser.

Screens for:

  • Blood alcohol concentration
  • Australian Standard Certified - AS3547 Type II
  • 3 year warranty
  • 6 monthly calibration
  • Alcohol specific electrochemical fuel cell technology
  • Dimensions approx 190mm x 61mm x 38mm
  • Online training course available
  • German made EnviteC by Honeywell
  • Weighs less than 275 grams incl. batteries
  • Shock, dust and water resistant
  • Accuracy better than +/- 10% as per AS3547

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